Pup Edit

when the rest of the family found out about Simon and Faith's crush on each other, Cinnamon welcomed Faith to the family with open paws. she and Faith made up to one another and became friends. After Rainy and Cinnamon married, Simon followed pursuit and proposed to Faith. after they married, they decided not to have puppies. But destiny had other things in mind because a month later Faith became pregnant. She gave birth to three beautiful boys, but unfortunately two of the three were stillborn. Faith and Simon were sad, but they were happy to have at least one pup of their own. They named him Courage.

info Edit

courage is very brave and never backs down. He can be a bit reckless and rash in his decisions, but his heart is in the right place. He loves to play and plays quite often. He is very close to his cousins and love them to death.

appearance Edit

Courage is black with floppy ears. His front paws are light blue and his back paws are grey. His eyes are Maruse like his father's.

trivia Edit

  • Courage will not have a crush.
  • courage loves to play tag the most.
  • Courage is closest to his cousin Candycane.

stories he appears in Edit

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