Don't edit this page the apperance/personality and picture were created by pitbullLover


Fable is a Brittney so his a very fuffly dog. He meets the paw patrol and jet on a mission to save him. He doesn't know if he has family or not so they are unknown. He doesn't have a crush yet.


Fables personality is kind and loyal. Fable is always ready to help his friends. He loves to play and his favorite game is tag.


Fables is a Brittney , so he's a fluffy dog. His ears hang down and his tail is short and stubby. He is mostly white with light brown areas on his hind legs, ears, back, around his eyes, and chest. His eyes are green and his collar is a light blue color.


Fears:fables fears are hikes water and needles

Dislikes:fables dislikes are mean pups, bugs and cats 





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