1. Evie belongs to HirePups&Collachdude! 
  2. She is the cooking puo of deatins Paw Patrol 

Description Edit

Evangeline is a sweet, shy, and caring Portuguese podengo, she is an expert with anything food combined. She is often considered to be nerdy, and odd, but once you get to know her, she's great fun. 

Apearance Edit

She is mainly cream with a brown Patch over her eye, another Patch of the same coulor on her left Paw and one on each side of her face which run up to her ears. She has a redish coulerd  tummy and muzzle.

Triva Edit

truck Edit


Family Edit


Random Edit

  • She belongs to a famous chef named Leanardo. 
  • She has a french acent
  • She picked up her acent from Leo 
  • She has excellent taste buds and one more then usaul. 
  • She is an excellent cook and loves eating her food just as much as making it! 
  • She was originally going to be a member of the PAW Patrol but then I changed when I found out about deatons. 
  • She shares a bit of her personality with me.
  • She has a trainee named apple. 
  • Her best friend is Caledonia.

Apearances Edit

by me Edit

By othersEdit

creepypasta Edit


Catphrases Edit

"Evie 's my name cookings my game!" 

"If spice is what after, you've got the right pup!" 

"This cook, don't need a book!"

voices Edit

young- Liz English 

older- Eva gobar


IMG 20150819 210243


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