This pup belongs to Sarah the FBI pup. She is the water rescue pup trainee.

info Edit

Eva is tough but silly. Sweet, but stern. She loves play games and mess around, but can be mature and serious when she wants to. She doesn't exactly have a split personality, but this can make it hard to make tough decisions. She can get stuttery and jumpy when around her crush, Dominick. 

Appearance Edit

She is a Chocolate brown American water Spaniel. She has semi-long curly fur and golden eyes. Her collar is a Ashy grey color. Her tag is Lime green with a picture of a scuba mask on it.

uniform Edit

her uniform is a lime green colored version of Zuma's uniform.

vehicle Edit

is a lime green colored hovercraft.

family Edit

Anika: mother

Johnny: father

Tank: brother

Annabell: sister-in-law

Floyd: brother

Dominick: mate

Dick: son

Ellawynn: daughter

Korbin: son

Hershy: daughter

Trivia Edit

  • Eva was born in Germany.
  • She loves taffy of any flavor.
  • she cannot have to much sugar, Caffiene, ect. or she will explode.

Fears Edit

she is scared of worms.

stories she appears in Edit

Gallery Edit

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