After about a year of being married, Jazzmine and Tyler discuss it and decide to have pups. Thus, Toast, Elwood and Willa were born.

Apperances Edit

Toast - He has his Dads Body shape, but with his Moms ears exept they fold forward. He also has a long tail like his mom. He has grey socks on all four paws along with with most of his fur being a sandish color. His Cheek fluff and tip of his tail are black along with a spot around his right eye. He wears a blue collar with a yellow tag.

Elwood - TBA

Willa- She has her mother's tall stature, with her dad's pointy ears. Her tail is fluffy and curls inward like her dad's. Her main fur color is black, with a chocolate brown tail tip and back. She has the same pattern on her fur as her mother's grey pattern, only it's pale brown, along with two pale brown front paws. Her ear tips are tan and she wears a green collar with light green vine patterns and a black tag. She has central heterochromia, both of her eyes being both yellow and orange.

Personalities Edit

Toast - TBA

Elwood - TBA

Willa - She is a HUGE tomboy. She loves sports, adventures, and some even say she looks like a boy. She doesn't seem to mind at all, however. She's super competitive and always ready to compete with anyone. She's a total daddy's girl and pretty much takes after him.

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Jobs Edit

Toast- TBA

Elwood- TBA

Willa- She doesn't want a job. She just lives with her dad and his owners.

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  • Toast belongs to Confetii while Elwood and Willa belong to Lex

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