I am starting to make short stories! I am going to use all the pups I can! I hope to see shorts by other people too!  :D

Rocky: (puts a roll of duck tape on her wrist) Oooh!

Rocky: Hey Melody! You can make a bracelet out of a duck tape roll! Don't lose it reuse it!

Melody: That's cool Rocky but remember what Ryder said, don't EVER sleep with duck tape.

Rocky: Don't worry I won't!

That night.........

Rocky: (reading with the duck tape still on his wrist) *yawn* I'm tried. Time for bed! (turns off lights)

The next morning.............

Melody: Rocky it's time to get up.

Rocky: I don't wanna!

Melody: We have to get to our mission!

Rocky: *moans* GO AWAY!

Melody: We need to go!

Rocky: Fine! *grunts* I can't get up!

Melody: Rocky, your just being lazy.

Rocky: No seriously! I CAN NOT get up!

Melody: Come on, it's not like your stuck to the bed! (lifts the covers) Oh.

Rocky was duck tapped to the bed.

Melody: Rocky how did this happen!

Rocky: I must, of accidentally, slept with the, duck tape.


Rocky: I'm sorry I'm sorry! But right now could you get me out of here?!

Melody: K I'll try. How hard could it be?

Melody: (pulling and grunting) I can't get you out!!!!

Melody: Let's try pulling! (pulling)

Rocky: AHH! Ahhhhh!

Rocky: Mabe you can get a knife and cut me free?

Melody: Got the knife! (it's a butter knife)

Rocky: Ha ha ha ha! That tickles! 

Melody: DANG IT! Know what?

Rocky: Get some scissors!

Melody: This should work! (safety scissors) Nope.

Melody: I know ill slide you out with this spatula!


Melody: Well that didn't work! Don't worry, I have a bunch of good ideas! He he!

Rocky: Oh no.

Melody: Maybe I can peel the duck tape with this carrot peeler. Nope.

Melody: Can opener?

Rocky: NO WAY!

Melody: (spinning a spoon) 


Rocky: Melody none of your ideas are working!

Melody: Well looks like your stuck in their forever.

Rocky: WAIT! I forgot! I have a box cutter under my pillow.

Melody: WHAT THE HECK! (cuts him out)

Rocky: (jumps out) I'M FREE!!!

Rocky: That's the last time I sleep with duck tape!

THE END!    :)

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