Chase's older sister, Elsa, is fiesty, but slightly dangerous. She has Ice Powers and a crush on Cliffjumper

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Elsa is a very take-charge leader of her group Rehistoric. Being the "beta" of the pack, Elsa is mostly known as Blue or Code Blue by her fellow teammates. Her older brother, Swift, had a big influence on her before he left for Mexico. Disappointed and crushed, Elsa ran off, and was found by a scientist who took her back to his lab. She learned to trust no one or have anything to do with them. The first person she could trust was her aunt Ingrid, before she betrayed her. Once recruited for Rehistoric, Elsa became the "beta" for Cassie Woods.


Born two years before Chase, three years before Anna and four years after Swift, Elsa was the closest to her brother Swift, but doubted his kindness when he started bullying others behind their parents' backs. After Swift fled to Mexico, Elsa fell into a depression no one could break her from, thinking that it was her fault he left. A week after Swift's departure, Elsa ran off and was captured by a scientist's assistant and taken to his boss's lab.

After being experimented on for a few years, Elsa was given Ice Powers and the ability to shape-shift into a Velociraptor or the Indominus Rex. She teams up with Echo, a pup she got into a fight with in her youth, in order to escape.

Separated from Echo, Elsa meets Cassie Woods and is welcomed into her home. She takes up the role of "beta" and Echo is found shortly after, thus creating Rehistoric.

Pup Pals

The only people she can trust is the Rehistorics, since she grew up with them, and her two siblings, Chase and Anna. She no longer has any respect for Swift after he left for Mexico, but she still doubts her trust towards Chase and Anna.


She has a very tiny crush on Cliffjumper, but this secret is for herself to keep, even though it's kinda obvious to Chase and Anna that she has affections for the wolf

Known Family

  • Chase (brother)
  • Swift (brother)
  • Anna (sister)
  • Echo (adopted sister)
  • Skye (sister in-law)
  • Pace (father)
  • Shayla (mother)
  • Cliffjumper (husband)
  • Thor (son)
  • Sapphire (daughter)
  • Ace (nephew)
  • Lani (niece)
  • Winter (niece in-law)
  • Sage (nephew in-law)
  • Aurora (niece in-law)
  • Dylan (nephew in-law)
  • Summer (niece in-law)
  • Shadow (nephew in-law)
  • CJ (niece in-law)
  • Digger (great nephew)
  • Robin (great niece)
  • Sandy (great niece)
  • Breeze (great niece)
  • Clarity (great niece)
  • Cayo (great nephew)
  • RJ (great nephew)
  • Scarlet (great niece)
  • Bear (great nephew)
  • Silhouette (great niece)
  • Dusk (great nephew)
  • Borealis (great nephew)
  • Midnight (great nephew)
  • Tide (great nephew)


Her outfit is silver with a blue collar, blue sleeves and a blue and grey PupPack. Her uniform sports many rips and tears from missions.

PupPack Tools

  • Net
  • Zip Line
  • Knife


No one calls me "chicken"!

Find 'em, and shut 'em down!

Don't let them see they get to you

Don't shoot my Raptors! (Credit Jurassic World)


Elsa's PupHouse is a Jurassic Park-themed PupHouse. The main base is tan, with the Jurassic Park logo on both sides with red hub caps.

Buttons and Controls

These are all Elsa's controls and buttons in her vehicle.


  • Green: Power/Go
  • Red: Stop
  • Pink: Eject Seat
  • Blue: Satellite On/Off
  • Purple: Horn


  • Speakers
  • Radio
  • Invisibility Joystick
  • Satellite

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Fire: When Chase mentioned the Lookout fire, Elsa has been TERRIFIED of fires. When she sees (or smells) fire, she stands stock still in the spot where she's standing in or whimpers and runs off

Hurting anyone: She is very scared of hurting someone's feelings or hurting them with her powers. Especially her best friends and siblings

Humans:(formerly) When she lived out on the streets, humans usually shooed her away with sticks or rocks when she was younger

Blood Jackets:(sort of) After she read the first chapter of Killer Species: Out for Blood, she passed out, which indicates that she's slightly scared and grossed out by them

Ingrid: She will fight her, but is veeeerrryyy nervous around her, 


  • She's Chase's sister
  • She was "born" on August 13 (exactly two days before my birthday)
  • She is inspired from Elsa from Disney's 2013 Oscar award winning film Frozen
  • She has a bluish scar over her right eye after an incident at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria 
  • When she's under a sleeping curse, or unconscious, she has these horrible dreams of her being in a room that's on fire with someone else in it with red eyes staring at her. Usually she wakes up after a piece of the roof falls on top of her or if the other dog laughs evilly. The problem is with her dreams is that she get severely burned by them
  • She tends to snap when pushed to her limit or when someone makes fun of her.


  • Daydreaming
  • Sketching
  • Hanging out with the othe Rehistorics
  • Eating anything that has chocolate in it
  • Reading
  • Building a snowman

  • Watching any Scooby Doo movie or the Jurassic Park movies
  • Learning about Raptors


  • Before I knew about the wiki, her original name was Shasta. Then Blizzard. And then, finally, Elsa (which I'm glad I stuck to)
  • Her original design looked more wolf like when she was just a doodle in my sketch book
  • She was originally going to be related to Icee and Tundra, but that changed when I came up with Chase being her brother
  • She was going to be the Ice Rescue pup, but then I found out about Tundra, who became a main character in all my stories, so I changed it to a Search and Rescue pup
  • Her paws were originally going to be blue, due to her powers, but I changed that and made her paw pads blue instead
  • In another Fanon univerese, with just her, Tundra, Anna, Harper and Dodgers, she doesn't have Ice powers, but her paw pads are still blue, so that's kinda weird. She does get them later in that Fanon, but it's when she's in her early preteens
  • When she goes down the slide, Anna jumps on her back, causing to go down penguin style
  • On winter nights, if she's sleeping outside, her eyes glow ice blue and she leaves a trail of glowing blue paw prints wherever she goes
  • She was originally going to be Chase's little sister, but I changed that to being Chase's older sister
  • I wasn't planning on Elsa having a crush on anyone, but that changed after I found out about Cliffjumper
  • Since Anna was one of my favorite characters in Frozen, I decided to make Elsa a little sister named after Princess Anna
  • Once, I accidentally put "Jelsa" in a story while editing it, and that DOESN'T mean I support Jelsa, 'cause I don't
  • She's a HUGE Jurassic Park fan, like me, and loves watching the movies. She's hoping to see Jurassic World again (even though she saw it three times with Cliffjumper)
  • I wasn't planning on her having kids, but after Moose513 and I discussed it, we decided to make them some
  • Since I haven't been on here for a loooong time, I gave Elsa a large revamp, tired of her being the "slightly innocent" pup she was


She is able to shoot ice and snow out of her front paws and her feelings are shown through her powers. She's also able to track down lost hikers, pups, etc. but needs to keep clear of cat hair, feathers and pollen, since she's allergic.


Elsa looks like a female black and white version of Chase with scars covering most of her body and three nips out of one ear. She has a blue streak that goes to her eye orbit to a blue splotch in her back and leads to her tail. She wears a light blue collar and a badge with the picture of the Ice Palace from Frozen in the center. Later on, she has a golden pin version of Cliffjumper's badge with a little C in the lower left corner.



Young: Spencer Lacey Ganus (you should know this)

Older: Idina Menzel (you should know this)