These are First Generation pup created by Mystic Eevee. And are the parents of Seth named Eden and Jeffery.


Eden: A Foggy Bottom resident that came from a family of rich pups and she had everything a pup could wish for in life and was treated very well at her owner’s home.

Jeffery: A Foggy Bottom stray pup that was found by Eden’s owner as he looked weak and malnourished and once he first laid eyes on her he fell in love with her and she stayed by his side though his rough times.


Eden: A Light Brown American Staffordshire Terrier with a White streak running down her belly. She has light pink eyes and wears a solid Gold collar with a Diamond gem as a tag.

Jeffery: A Red furred American Staffordshire Terrier with a White streak running down his belly. He has yellowish-green eyes and wears a torn-up blue collar with a broken silver tag on it.


Eden: Tough, Selfish, Naive, Protective of her own things, and very Self-Centered

Jeffery: Shy, Protective, Loving, but he can be very stubborn around others.

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