Eartha is a first gen pup owned by PrincessHyperSkippy aka Skippy.

Personality Edit

Earthra nice, kind. She loves pups and other's. She loves to .dig.She can be serious and mean if she needs to be. Tho she hates to be mean. She also...hates bath's Tho she is fine swimming.

Appearance Edit

She is a German Shepherd and Husky Mix. She's all complete white except she's got a brown saddle shaped mark on her back. Also she has has a darker brown on her face mask.

Bio Edit

She was born into a nice family and she loved it there. She got so pampered maybe a little to pampered cause she hates baths. She and her family go and have fun dog sledding. Even tho its just for fun some day she hopes to run in a actually race sometime. She had a great life tho...until one time going dog sledding with her owners daughter. The owners daughter..with out knowing ..she accident..fell into a deep hole. Eartha was so busy..pulling the sled she didn't hear the girl crying out. The time she realize the girl was gone and started to look for her tho no use. She went back and he owners.declared it was her fault that she lost they baby so they kicked her out of the home. she roams the streets as a stray.

Stories she's in Edit

Fears Edit




Trivia Edit

She has a crush on Fog

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