Dusty is a PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki OC Award Nominee.

Dusty is my OC. 


Dusty is a  brown Husky. She lived in a western town in Texas. She wanted to

Dusty is a PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki OC Award Nominee.

have an adventure. So, she ran off and found herself in Adventure Bay. She joined the PAW Patrol after saving a baby vulture from falling off a steep cliff. No long terrian can tire her out. Her puppack has all kinds of lassos cause she is prepared 


She is brown. She has white hair like Rocky's. Her Eyes are Red. Her outfit is a red pinkish color Her collar is white and her dog tag is fuchsia. 


She is pretty Shy. She loves to be outdoors. He likes to be out in winter and spring. She is the fastest pup. She is also really fast at pup pup Boogie. She is nice and brave.


Time to Ride the West

Any Terrian and no pain

Get along little PAW Patrol pups!

Lets run the terrian!


Tex is her boyfriend

She loves bacon, treats  and fruit.

She is also a fast swimmer

Fanon Apperances

Pups and the Cupup

Dusty Leaves the PAW Patrol Part 1 and 2

Girl Time (PAW Patrol Version) 

Wolf-I-fied (PAW Patrol Version)

Secret Cupup Song (Secret Cupet Song from LPS)

Pups all Around the World

Chase Away the Winter Blues (PAW Patrol version)

Eau De Dusty

Pup Story 2

Pups Trouble Through Time

Humnaraian (Paw Patrol Version)

Two Pups for Two Pests

Battle of the Bands

Pups Trouble Through Time Cutscenes 

Pup Meets World

I Didn't Do it (PAW Patrol Version)

Pups and the Chaotic Clans (Video Game)

Pups and the Sled Race

Pups Trouble Through Time character movelist

Pups and the electric 

Tundra And Dusty

Sea Pup out of Water

If the Shoe Fits (PAW Patrol Version)

Pups Lost in Space

Grease (PAW Patrol Version)

The Very Littlest PAW Patrol

Pups Surf the Waves

Cant Stop Singing (PAW Patrol Version) 

The Incredible Growing Pup

Pups Save a Snake

Pups in Quicksand 

Pups Save an Ottercub

Dino Pups

Fun Being Fun  (PAW Patrol version)

Chez Paris (PAW Patrol version)

Pups Sail the Seas

Pups on Security

Pups Howloween Rescue 

PAW Patrol/ Harry Potter (Franchise) 

Pups Save the Tasmanian Tigers  

Pups Save the Dodos

Pups Get an Exterminator


Pups Get an Electrician

Pups and the 5 Nights at Freddy's

Pups Save the Turkeys

Pups and the Island Curse

Creature Pup-Ventures

The Team Up

Pups, Kratts, and the Baby Penguin Problem

Marshall's Christmas Adventure

Furry Friday

Dusty's Sick Day

Tick Tock Pups!

Winter Wonder What...? (PAW Patrol Version)

PAW Patrol/ Recess

Pups Disneyland Holiday Vacation

Lookout Window

Pups, Kratts, and the Lost Memory

Pups Meet the Pound Puppies

Pups, Kratts, and the Snowy Woods Rescue

Why Can't We Be Friends? (PAW Patrol Version)

The Brother Story

Night at the Pawza (PAW Patrol Version)

Proud as a.... Peacock? (PAW Patrol Version)

Dusty & The Fancy Cowpup

In the Loop (PAW Patrol Version)

It's The Pup Fest! Part 1 and 2

Marshall Universe

The Pup Tag Map Part 1 and 2

Lookout Sweet Lookout

Tanks for the Memories (PAW Patrol Version)

Bubble Buddies

Giant Doggy

So Many birthdays

Blizzard and the Cool Pups

Marshall the Sword fighter

Katie's Room

Pup Pack Tools


Lucky Horse Shoe


Branding Iron 



Western Buggy

Voice Actresses

Young Dusty- Michelle Creber (Voice of Applebloom)

Older Dusty- Ashleigh Ball (Voice of Applejack)

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