Theres a short story behind this OC - Lately I have been really upset because we arent going to be taking the yearly trip across the country to Minnessota so I can see my gandparents, so im making this one whos based a bit of my gandma, a bit off my grandpa and a bit of Minnesota in general because Minnesota is one of my favorite places to go and thats why I always love going there, her name is Duluth since thats where my grandparents live

Apperance Edit

Shes a white, brown and black Samoyed X Husky mix. She is mostly a dark tanish color with black ear tips, black socks and a black tail tip, she also has a white stomach, chest and mussel reaching up to between her eyes

She wears a light red collar with the tag of a hot coco cup with her name imprinted on it

In the winter she wears a brown aviator like jacket everywhere Looking somewhat similar to the jacket that the pony on the left is wearing

Personality Edit

She is very layed lose and motherlike, she can go with the flow but can esily be stern if she needs to be especialy around pups wether they be her own pups or the pups of another dog and shes just taking care of them. (I will add more once I come up with more)

Bio Edit

Duluth was born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota (Hence her name) by the lake, Taking trips down there with her mother, father and owners but when she was about 3 years old she was taked from Minnesota and transfered to Adventure Bay. She now resides in Adventure bay living with a family not far from the paw patrol headquarters.

Trivia Edit

Random Edit

  • She has a thick minnesota accent saying things like "Donchya Know" and "Ohh Yah"
  • Shes very touchy about her past and doesent talk about it nearly ever
  • One thing that she can do that she loves to do is fish and boat
  • Her desighn is slightly inspired by my grandmas dog but my grandmas dog is a Shi Tzu and this ones a Samoyed X Husky Mix

Crush Edit

She has a crush on Denver, falling for him after metting him on a farm

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