Catalina took the two dogs and the three pups to a warehouse, she put them in claims and showed Marshall his teddy bear and yellow color, 'this is what your presants gave you before they died' said Catalina evily and them she threw Marshall's teddy and color into a river, 'NO!!!!!!!!!!' Screened Marshall and started crying, them Catalina put him with the others.

Them Marshall found Louie next to him, Louie looked sorry and them she said 'i was with you when you were a baby, I had a little brother called Rocky, my presents were stars, I loved then, old day, Catalina wanted to take you, the boss wouldn't let her, so she killed my presents and them yours, when I heard you were coming, I thought you were going get me dead, Iam stupid'. She said crying, 'iam sorry'. Said Marshall 'iam always stupid'. them Marshall's claim broke, 'iam free'!! Said Marshall, them he freed the other five and ran to the airport, but then Catalina started chasing them, 'run'!!! Shouted Red, as they ran, a building was on fire, Marshall them got in Catalina's way and the building fell on them, 'NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Screened Rosie, them Red grabbed her, they hid into a plane and got back to adventure bay.

there, all the pups were with Ryder, Ryder them said 'three pups are missing, we are..., 'LOUIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Rocky screened and he ran to her, them Ryder saw Rubble, Rosie and dogs he have never seen before, 'where's Marshall'. Ryder asked, "He gone'. cired Rubble, all pups them looked at Rubble, 'He saved us'. Said Rosie and she walked to her doghouse and went sadly to sleep, the next morning she woke up with Marshall's teddy bear, them she saw a black Border Collie that looked like her in Marshall's doghouse with his old yellow color, 'get out of Marshall's doghouse'. She said, but i'am Marshall'. The border collie said, Rosie gasped and them simled sadly, Marshall was now a border collie, 'Marshall alive' shorted Rosie as the others ran at Marshall, now the Paw Patrol had three new dogs and Marshall and Rosie were always together.

The end.

Story made by AngryThomasFan32100 with ideas from Jazzrocks

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