'The next morning Marshall was waiting to get his new sync, them he was called to the gargae, them Marshall saw he was to have a new coluor and name, 'NO' screened Marshall, but there was nothing he could do, his yellow color was thrown in the mud, it was replaced by a black shame looking color and even worst, his name was changed from Marshall to Sock, when Louie saw him, she langh at him, Sock just hid into a busah crying, them Red came to him and tired to cleer him up.

'sock' said Red, 'MY NAME IS MARSHALL!!!!!!!!!' screened Sock.

'Come on, I've take you around Middleton and than Manchester" some of it is nice' said Red, Sock just followed him still crying, when they were looking around Manchester, Sock herad a voice he knew.

'You must be Marshall' said Patch all growled up, uh, hello' said Sock, them Red butted in, 'His name is Sock' them Patch walked off which made Sock grump.

when they got home the farm was a mess, 'she been here' said Rusty to Red, 'who has'. Asked Sock. 'Catalina' said Red, 'no NO!!!!!! She the one who killed my presents' said Sock, that night only Sock lost his old color and name and miss the paw patrol, He was now too scared to go to sleep, 'missing something'. Said Red with his teddy bear. Sock them smiled in tears and Them Red said 'want to sleep with me' Sock for the first time since he took his last look of adventure bay was happy, with his teddy bear, He and Red went to Sleep.

The end

part 3: catalina

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