.One night, all doghouses were shut and Ryder was sleeping in his went He got a phone call about his pups and giving one of them to him.

'why?' asked Ryder.

As Ryder talked through his phone, all the pups woke up and hared him, the next morning the pups were wondering who was leaving.

'should we ask Ryder'. Asked Tundra.

'well, it's not going to be me' said Rocky.

'I don't want to leave' said Rubble.

'Well, one of you is going'. Said Ryder.

'who' asked Chase.

'I don't know'. Said Ryder. Than Marshall came out said 'if nome of you want to leave, I've do it.

'But your never going to see us again'. Said Rosie.

'and what if you don't like the place' added Zuma.

Well, okey Marshall'. Said a worried Ryder, 'sure'

sure' said Marshall

4 Days later, it was the day that Marshall was leaving the Paw patrol, He was saying his last goodbyes to the pups.

'Bye eveyone, look after Fuzzy'. Said Marshall to Rosie, 'I will'. She said crying.

We are going to miss you forever. Said Ryder, 'your the best' said Rubble, 'thanks for everything' said Marshall geting his fire truck them he called Rosie to get on, on the way, They listaned to their favourite song called 'all my life i've been waiting for this one day', When they got to the airport, they both tired hard not to cry, but they couldn't help, they hugged one more time and Marshall got on the plane, He looked at Adventure bay one more time and went 'Goodbye Home'.

Marshall was taking a nap on the plane, trying not to think of his old family, 'Be Good' He said, them the plane landed in a city called Manchester, Marshall was now seeing what it was like to be away from adventure bay, later He dropped off and taken by a framer who lived near Middleton, Marshall just went sadly to sleep, when he woke their were two big huskies and one cranky old sleepdog, the huskias were called Red and Louie and the sleeping was called Rusty, Louie was looking at Marshall with a deadly look on her face.

'I do something wrong' asked a shy Marshall.

'Don't think' said Red to Louie.

Marshall them went to take a look around the farm, them the framer said he was to go with Louie to the city, on the way, Marshall was geting tired of walking 'MOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Said Louie who geting deadly angry, she scared Marshall and She made him brake his leg, When the framer came, he was cross, but what was worst, he didn't know what Marshall was saying, Marshall was in his bed taking one more look at his color because towarrow it was going to be removed. 'I wish I was at home'. He said.

The end.

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