tIn adventure bay, everyone was bored without Marshall, Rubble and Rosie was looking at sea crying their eyes out. Ryder was calling them, but they just iagourd him. Ryder had shocking news, He said that Marshall's new home was in Middleton. Rubble and Rosie gasped, 'Middleton is next to Manchester'. Said Rubble, 'and that's where Catalina lives'. Said Rosie. 'I'am coming Marshall!!' said Rubble 'so i'am i' shouted Rosie, hey, HEY, come back!!!' Screened Ryder and then sighed, Rubble and Rosie hid into a plane, got to Manchester, On the way to Middleton they ran into Catalina, Catalina chased them, but lost them, but that was okey for her.

Rubble and Rosie found Marshall playing in the mud with Red and Rusty, them Rubble joined in, 'stop, stop!' Said Rusty, who's that Bulldog, 'RUBBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Screened Marshall, Rubble just hugged Marshall real hard, 'I missed you to death'. Said Rubble. So did I' said Rosie, joining in, 'Sock, who are they'. asked Red, 'sock' asked Rubble and Rosie at the same time, them out of nowhere Catalina sucked up Marshall, Rubble and Rosie with a leaf blower and her man grabbed Red and Rusty and they took them away.


part 4: getting home

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