created for fanon stories by Marshall+skye4502

This is a canine reincarnation of the Doctor


While running from a strange new breed of alien The Doctor is shot and mortally wounded, causing him to regenerate. The alien laughs at him and aims a blaster at him. After firing the Weapon the Alien leaves. The Doctor looks at his Hands-- No, paws!

Finding he has regenerated into a dog, the Doctor returns to the TARDIS to find River Song (his wife who he had believed died saving his life.) She wakes and finds her self with the canine Doctor who shrugs and explains what happened. She in turn asks why she didn't die. He says he doesn't know and says that he just found her there. She asks why he hasn't simply regenerated into a human again. He says that he'd probably just change into another dog. They set out to find out how to change him back into a human.

Not long later River is forced to regenerate into a canine as well.


gauche, capricious, emotionally unpredictable and adventurous. This Canine version of The Doctor was a lot like his 11th incarnation. But seemed to have a thing for scarfs like his 4th incarnation, wearing one all the time. He also has a secret room filled with Scarfs. He try's to keep it from River because he fears that she will not approve.

Stories he appears in

By MeEdit

Pawbusters II :What if.....

What If: Doctor Who was a dog

Superior BatHound

DW Badge

A doctor who Badge I made for fun until I can get a Good drawing made.

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