Note Edit

Doberman the Dog is the second song in My most popular story.

song Edit

Doberman:i am Doberman, the most evil dog known to man. 

Chase: do you have a problem with humans 

Doberman: do I?  

we know see a cute puppy doberman playing with a ball 

Doberman: when I was just 

A puppy I had a loving home,  

The best family I could wish for  

And I thought I had 

A place to call my own. 

But then one day they left me,  

They gave me away, 

I saw the camper van go! 

The human tried to feed me 

I bit her on leg, 

And poof! she was a dog like me! 

I ran out if the door 





I tried to find them all on my own!  

And the day that I saw them again, 

Was just a few weeks ago, 

They had a new dog 

A female beagle, 

They forgot all about 







And that's the day I made up my mind,

Humans are evil to dog kind!

I bite each one I see,

And poof! They are like me! 

A dog with great sense of smell 

And I'm Doberman! 

The Doberman pincher! 

Doberman the dog! 

Oh there's no one more evil then 

Doberman the dog!

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