Diver, Lanini, Adabelle and Nikon are the first and founding members of the London PAW Patrol

Bio's Edit



Adabelle- She was the third born of five puppies and her parents loved them all. She saw her other siblings get adopted but before she could get adopted her parents were taken by the dogcatcher and she has been nervous around people ever since. She was found by Lani and she helped her become more confident with her surroundings. When the London Paw Patrol was founded, she became the Eco Pup.

Nikon-He was once a farm pup with his parents but when a terrible storm hit, he got separated and somehow wound up in London. He was so terrified about being away from his parents that every night, he cried himself to sleep. One night he slept out as it rained and he caught a terrible cold. Lucky, Diver saw him and soon he, Lani, and Germany healed him. When the London Paw Patrol was founded, he became the police pup.

Appearance Edit

Diver- Diver is a brown lab mixed with West Highland White Terrier. He is mostly brown and has a white tail tip and under the tip he has white spots circling it. He has white ear tips and front socks. He has green eyes. He is given a Red collar by Germany.

Lanini- Lanini is a cockapoo. Her fur is mainly tan with rusty red, white and peach markings. She has a white stomach and tail tip. All her paws have peach socks with a rusty red band above them. Her bottom half of her ears are rusty red. She has ocean blue eye and wears a sapphire blue collar.

Adabelle- Adabelle is a black English Cocker Spaniel. She is solid black with baby blue eyes. She is given a Dark Green collar by Germany.

Nikon- Nikon is a sable rough collie. He is mostly brown with a white chest and a white tip on his tail. He is given a Yellow color by Germany.

Personalities Edit

Diver- He is calmer and very friendly. Sometimes he can get random bursts of energy and fall into a sleeping spell

Lanini- Lanini is very shy but is open and friendly to those whom she knows.

Adabelle- She is like a tomboy but is very gentle when it comes to her friends and those in need.

Nikon- He is very shy and calm but when you make him upset he cries so hard look out for his friends.

Crushes Edit

Diver- He has one on Lanini and adores her

Lanini- She has a crush on Diver and doesn't know that he has one on her



Trivia Edit

coming soon

Stories they appear in Edit

Pups and the Survival Challenge

Pup Pup Cluedo, American Detectives in London

The Disabled PAW Patrol goes to London

Double Blooming Romance, A Pair of New Beginnings

Gallery Edit

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