• He is a pup adopted by Chase the police pup555 from Smartpup Chase76 and RockytheEco-Pup.

He is a gym pup who works mostly with the Paw Patrol.


He's and Alaskan Malamute. A dense double coat. The thick, coarse outer coat, known as the guard coat, should not be soft or long. The undercoat is one to two inches deep. It's oily and woolly to repel wetness and cold. Light Gray and Black the underbelly is predominantly white along with the feet, parts of the legs, and part of the face markings. With light green eyes and a red collar.


Dirth is a know-it-all who loves to prove other pups wrong but on the inside, he's a friendly pup that wants to make lots of friends. he uses his know-it-all attitude when he feels uncomfortable and doesn’t mean to hurt others' feelings.


He is the pups' gym pup. Helping everyone stay fit for missions and just for fun! He gets a beanie that's black and a pup tag that has a dumbbell and "Gymnist" underneath.


He likes a blond collie named Chica

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