Diego is very cool schnauzer wolf mix

Appearance Edit

Diego is a silver and white schnauzer wolf mix he has a blue bandana from his older brother Danny. He has a white 'mane' on the top of his head.

Personality Edit

Diego is cool and brave but very sarcastic sometimes. He lives and hangs with his best friend Ranni. A brown and cream Akita wolf mix.

History Edit

Diego was just a pup when his father started abusing him, his mom, his older brother Danny and younger brother Torry. One day Emee, his mom, said to Danny take Diego and Torry away from their dad to survive and she would be okay. He followed his orders. One day Diego and Torry realised the that Danny had been gone for a very long time and went to look for him. They found him in the woods dead. Diego took his bandanna and put it around his neck. They didn't know how he died but really their dad came back and killed him they don't know though... One day they went their separate ways and Diego met Ranni. They became best friends from that day forward.

Crush? Edit

Ranni and Diego both have crushes on each other but never admit it.

Gallery Edit



Diego and Ranni (Best Friends Forever!)

Diego and Ranni (Best Friends Forever!)

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