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Dennis as an Lps

Dennis is a Dentist Pup.

Personality Edit

Dennis Is kind and Respectful. He is always a Happy go lucky Puppy but if you get on his Nerves He'll yank one of your teeth out. But on the other paw he's Pretty nice. He sometimes get's Irritated By Alex or By his Best friend Denton. Denton sometimes annoy's him but he is still Denton's best friend so he couldn't get Angry with him. Not even with those Puppy eyes of Denton's. :)

Bio Edit

Coming soon~

Appearance Edit

He is a grey dog with Blue eyes and Has a Blue collar. When he's a Dentist he wears a Blue vest and a Blue Mask that covers his muzzle and mouth.

When he goes on dates he wears a Blue bow tie.

Trivia Edit

  • His best friend is Denton
  • He has two other friend's besides Denton. Omar and Sawyer.
  • He has a Secret crush on Hazel.

Stories he Appears in Edit

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Gallery Edit

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