Decaf is an OC MacBarrPup adopted from Confetii The Party Pup. He was designed for Confetii by Tastymangocat on DeviantArt.


Decaf is a light, carmel brown pup with darker brown spots on the back of his legs and the back of his legs, his toes, shoulders, the tips of his perked ears and on the top of his tail

He wears a light blue collar with stripes of white and different shades of blue on it. He also has a long sleved white shirt and a black apron over it.


Hes has a very puppy like personality though he can be serious when he needs to be. He loves to play and is very jumpy, he also loves it when people are willing to take him on adventures and he loves hiking and camping. Though he doesn't like getting randomly picked up when he knows a human good he will crawl into there arms or there lap.


Job Edit

He is the Trainee to Milkshake and loves his job. His tag is a strawberry and a straw

Pup Pack Edit

  • Blender
  • Some Flavoring Packets
  • Straws and Cups

Vehicle Edit

He drives a refrigerated truck with Milk, Ice cream, Fruit and other natural flavorings inside of it so he can make any kind of smoothie on the go.

Catchphrases Edit


Random Edit

  • He isnt a die hard fan of water like Doodle is but he loves swimming when hes able to
  • Allison made him his own little backpack thats green and he can carry his stuff in it when he goes hiking or camping

Crush Edit

Even though as a pup he could never find the perfect pup as he entered teen years he started giving up on love till a trip to Jakes Mountain proved him wrong when he met Trinity falling for the huskys happy go lucky personality

Stories he appears in


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