She belongs to Sarah the FBI pup and is the Police pup in Deaton's patrol

Info Edit

Dearley is very sweet and loving. She is very understanding when people make mistakes, but still knows when justice is needed. She can be very serious when on the job, but still finds ways to have fun and make the mission fun for others. She's the oldest of the pups, and loves hanging out with the other pups. She can get jealous easily though, it's her fatal flaw.

Appearance Edit

Dearley is a black Doberman with a ginger snout, neck, chest, tail, and paws. Her eyes are a cinnamon brown color. Her collar is pumpkin orange with her tag being black with the picture of a police hat on it.

uniform Edit

Her uniform is a black version of Chase's, but with a extra pocket.

tools Edit

  • Mega phone
  • Net
  • whistle

Catchphrases Edit

work in progress...

bio Edit


Trivia Edit

Random Edit

  • Dearley loves fuzzy things
  • She trained under Chase
  • She has no crush yet

Family Edit


Friends Edit

All the members of Deaton's patrol

Fears Edit

She is afraid of porcupines

Stories she appears in Edit

gallery Edit

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