Daryl is my OC


Daryl is a wiener dog. He is all brown. His tummy is pink. He is a scientist.


He wears a white lab coat. His collar is green. His pup symbol is a beaker. His pup pack is green and gray.


He isn't a weird nerd, but is really super smart. He can correct people a lot, though.It gets on their nerves. He is love able too. Very love able.


His pup pack is connected to his lab coat. It hold chemicals, a laptop, beakers, books, and papers with facts and work on them. It's got lots more in it too!


His pup car is a utility van. It carries his supplies and equipment in it.


Daryl was born in a lab. His mom was a pup of a scientist. When the scientist died, Daryl and his mom were sold to a shelter. He was mistreated. When his mom was abused so much, she had passed away. The man owning the the shelter went to jail for abusing animals and not having a legal license. The shelter was shutting down, the pets had to be sold, and Daryl had no mother to take care of him, so Ryder chose him and took him to the lookout. Daryl got nursed back to health, and was ready for his job.

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