Dark Chaos is the main villain from Pups in the Magical World.


Dark Chaos is the leader of the Misty Shadows. He has one goal: destroy the whole cartoon universe, even himself. He has a spell that can grant his goal, but he needs 3 special ingredients: a dark shard, 2 whiskers (one from a mouse and the other from a cat), and Alicorn magic (which is why he "ponynaps" Twilight Sparkle).

After he was defeated by the PAWs of Unity, his minions were all vaporized along with his shadowy powers. Without the shadows, he is forced into what he really is, tiny black octopus, even tinier than Team Umizoomi. He inadvertedly states that he'll turn back into what he was if he stays out of water. Team Umizoomi placed him in the Umi City Aquarium, making it impossible for him to ever go back to his shadowy ways.


Dark Chaos has two forms: Shadow and Original.

In Shadow Form, he looks like a giant Misty Shadow.

After the Pups and Rosie defeated him with the PAWs of Unity, he lost his shadowy powers and turned into a tiny black octopus.


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