Dallas is a present gen male pup owned by SmokythePolicePup. He was adopted from Sarah the FBI pup.


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Dallas is a golden lab/Samoyed pup with gold fur, white streaks down his face and back. He also has two white front paws. He wears a purple collar with a badge that has a sky-blue background with a yellow banana peel in the middle. He also has yellow eyes.


Dallas is a pup who loves to be outside in the fresh air. That is why he took on the job as a garbage pup. He loves to go out and pick up trash around Adventure Bay so that others can also enjoy the fresh air. He loves to hang out with Rocky and Rocky often joins him in cleaning up Adventure Bay. When he is not working, he loves to swim in the ocean and loves to compete in sandcastle building contests.


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  • Dallas was adopted from Sarah the FBI pup and his name was originally Lemondrop.
  • He loves to hang out with Rocky and clean up Adventure Bay together.
  • He lives with his owner who also is a garbage man for Adventure Bay.
  • He gets annoyed when he sees someone who isn't throwing away their trash.
  • Dallas fell in love with a fashion designer pup named Caroline.
  • Dallas and Steel work together often on missions


Dallas's job is as garbage pup for Adventure Bay. He wears a red ball cap and a red vest with a blue belt. He also has a red pup pack with a claw similar to Rocky's that he uses to throw garbage bags into his garbage truck. He also has a poker, which is a sharp pointy stick that he uses to stab pieces of trash and put them in trash bags. Another tool he has is a sprayer that gets rid of the smell left behind by garbage. it also contains a bag dispenser that gives him a new trash bag when needed.


He drives a dark red garbage truck that has the PAW Patrol logo on one side and the recycle logo on the other side.


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