Dale is a first gen pup created by Mystic Eevee. And he is a theorist pup


Dale lived with a loving family up until he was two years old then he left the family to study therapy, and then met a not so nice female pup who left him for another pup leaving heartbroken, and with a small puppy to deal with after her exit


His fur is a darker brown then Cyclone's he also has some light Tan fur on his hind legs and muzzle. He has Green eyes and a yellow collar with a Green tag with a notebook on it.


He has a son named Cyclone who he raised on his own since Cyclone was a Seven months old puppy

He has a crush on a pup named Oyuki

Stories by me

Coming Soon


Dale and Cyclone (Terriers)

Cyclone and Dale drawn by Chase the police pup555 as a gift

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