Because Making OCs at 3 Am with nothing But names and Bios Picked out is a Great idea! Adopted by MacBarrPup from Confetii The Party Pup.


Dacey - Dacey is a pure breed Border collie. She looks very similar to her daughter but her Socks, Muzzel and Tail tip are tan instead of Grey. She also has a white stomach and chest. She wears a green Collar

Shaw - He looks alot like his Sons, He is mostly white with perked ears. He has a grey tail tip and pure brown ears. He also has sand colored down his back. On the fronts of his legs he has sand colored Specks


Dacey - Dacey is a very sweet and kindhearted pup. She is very quiet and keeps to herself but when she is around her close friends and lovers shes pretty open.

Shaw - He is a very happy go lucky, always finds the bright side pup. He also loves his family and friends


Dacey fell in love with a pup named Bentley and he returned her feelings for a while. But after Dacey gave birth to Jazzmine Bentley left her worried he wouldnt be able to take care of both her and there pup. Dacey was devestated at first but she later fell in love with Shaw.

She and Shaw dated for a while and Jazzmine even saw him as her own dad and soon Dacey have birth to another pup, Harold the two lived happily in adventure Bay when Dacey gave birth to her third and final pup Lyon. The five soon moved into a home in advenure bay

Eventualy Jazzmine, Harold and Lyon all left there home to join the paw patrol. A few weeks Later Dacey and Shaw herd that they could become teachers at Adventure Bay Pup Academy. Looking into it they both took and intrest in it, Dacey becoming the Schools Counselor and Shaw became a Biology Teacher.


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