One of the songs from the upcoming Littlest Pet Shop crossover. Penelope sings the song Crush from "Blythe's Crush".  She just sings it to show Zoe that she loves her songs, but she doesn't realize that Zoe thinks that she's trying to look better than her.


Zoe: You wanna sing? You wanna sing?! Why do you want to sing a song that I sang on stage?!

Minka: Actually.... How should I put it? The audience thought you were yipping.

Zoe: *Growls*

Minka: Uh... Yipping the words that is. But I wanna hear her sing!

Zoe: Fine...

Lilac: In that case... Hit it! ... so to speak...

(Music plays)

Penelope: I really love this one! I've got the music in me!

The music's playing

It's pumping up the crowd

The beat is in the air

The party's getting loud

And my name's Penelope

And I'm gonna sing it

'Cause I have something say (Heeeeeeyyy)

Turn up the volume

Please try to list-en

Our hearts are pounding

Our eyes are glistening

There's something that I want to show

And it really makes my heart glow

I got a new crush

I got a new crush

Music's in my soul 

And the sound of it is giving me a head rush

Crush, I got a new crush

Singing it out

Pump it up

Cause it's giving me a head rush

The voice is from my heart

And it gave me a crush and a brand new start


Others except Zoe: *Cheer*


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