This is a first gen pup that belongs to Sarah the FBI pup, he is in Tundra's fanon. He is based of my beloved lost hero, the crocodile hunter. He is a wildlife adventurer pup




Crockalin is an adventure pup, he likes to find danger and tackle it. He is very brave and can deal with any animals promptly. He loves to be out in nature. He loves to help the environment as much as he can. He loves hanging around what most would consider some of the world's deadliest creatures. He has a big heart, and leaves no one behind.


Crockalin is a light yellow Cockapoo with yelowish-orange ears, chest, and tail tip. His eyes are a dark brown color. He wears a brown fedora. his collar is a dark tan


He usually wears his leather brown uniform. 


  • a lasso
  • a pair of binoculars
  • A pad and pencil
  • a knife


  • Crockalin has no crush at the moment
  • Although I based him off of the crocodile hunter, he has hints of indiana jones in him.


Sting rays. 

Stories he appears inEdit


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