Crescent Bay is the hometown of Danny, Zuma, and Nixie.


  • Crescent Bay Park: The local park where children and pups can run and play, and people can relax and enjoy lunch in the picnic area.
  • Crescent Bay Pup-School: The local school for pups to learn about their future jobs, careers, and to also get their education.
  • City Hall: City Hall is located in the downtown area of Crescent Bay and it's also the home of Mayor Jackson. He was originally from Hawaii and is calm and cool most of the time.
  • Splash Away Mountain: The local water park in Crescent Bay. Full of water slides, rides, and plenty of fun for the whole family. There usually closed during the winter and raining season.
  • The Cul-de-sac/Apartments: The basic locations where most of the residents of Crescent Bay live.
  • The Hopkins Hotel: A really nice hotel for visitors and guests to stay for the night.
  • Crescent Bay Fire Department/Police Department: The local fire station and police headquarters which are both located downtown near City Hall.
  • CinemaPlex 12: The local movie theater in Crescent Bay where you can see the newest and latest films.


  • Danny and his family: before Zuma and Nixie were born, the young Labrador grew up in the beautiful town where he made tons of friends and of course met his girlfriend and future wife Victoria.
  • Velvet: She lives with her five year old owner and is the next door neighbor of Alfalfa.
  • Alfalfa: Another resident of Crescent Bay who lives with his owner on a cruise ship and is also Velvet's neighbor.
  • Rafaello: Alfafa's older brother who lives with his him and their owner on a cruise ship in Crescent Bay.
  • Harrison: Danny's old childhood friend and another resident of Crescent Bay. Later on in the future he becomes Mayor Jackson's pet and personal assistant.

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