PP adopts 1-0

Before I even start I just want everyone to know he was originally designed by the very talented Lunar Lex. She let me have him and I really appreciate it - thanks a bunch Lex!

Appearance Edit

He's a mutt with floppy ears and a very fluffy tail. His fur is really soft to the touch. His base color is white with dark brown over his front two paws. A big splotch of light brown on his upper back, darker brown on his lower back. There's also dark and light brown fur on his tail, white on the bottom. There's a ring of light brown around his right eye. Both his eyes are green and he wears a orange collar.

Bio Edit

Roderick always knew he wanted to do something very creative with his life. He loves to paint, colot, draw - he will even give lessons if you ask! ^^

Personality Edit

Hyper, jumpy, artistic and very creative. Rodie is always thinking of different art projects to create. He has random bursts of inspiration where he has to put it down on canvas or paper immediately! Rodie is also a lover of kids and puppies. ^^

Pup Tag Edit

Paint brush covered in different colors. The paintbrush is one of Roderick's favorite tools to use.

PupPack Edit

  • Stylus
  • Paintbrushes
  • Claw

Vehicle Edit

Art van - a van full to bursting with all of his art supplies. It can also turn into a portable art studio when he's out visiting Vail in Adventure Bay.

Catchphrases Edit

  • Roderick can draw it! A gift from Sarah the FBI pup , thanks Sarah! ^^
  • Need some help? Just give a yelp!

Crush Edit

Vail - After meeting - and falling in love with Vail - Roderick becomes a super huge fan of his honey. He always makes special trips out to see crush and ends up spending the entire day with him. Roderick is afraid of getting stung so he let's Vail do most of the work, instead Rodie likes to sit a safe distance away and make numerous sketches of his crush at work.

Trainee Edit

Aryan - or Painter as he is better well known as.

Fears Edit

  • Being stung by any of Vail's bees.
  • Falling off of a cliff.

Trivia Edit

  • He lives in Stormy Bay's Paintsville District.
  • Roderick volunteers at the Stormy Bay Pup Academy - he holds Art Classes for young and older pups who want to learn how to be better artists and whatnot.
  • Roderick can't choose one favorite color because he loves them all! A lot of his work usually involves rainbow colors.
  • Roderick helped design Pilot's pup tag - he designed and colored in the colorful fish.

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