Second gen pups.

This belongs to Crescenttherangerpup98 and sunnypuppy45

Lex and Lola have 6 pups

Appearance Edit

Aaliyah: A brown pup with tan tail tip, chest belly and front paws. She wears a red collar with a flower tag as well as a straw tag with a flower on a side, a turquoise skirt. She has sunglasses.

Theia: A tan pup that always wear dresses and glasses. She is always getting dirty and carries a green backpack with her. Has a mud spot on the left ear and a green collar with a backpack on it.

Tia: A tan pup with brown spots. Her fur is beautiful and has shiny socks, she always wear little shiny black boots, a black skirt and a shiny collar.

Frisky: A pup with messed up fur and floppy ears that shares his mother's color. Her collar has a tag with a camera.

Gorge: Has his dad collar pattern and has his dad's fur and pointy husky ears. He is the biggest of the litter and his badge is a prosecutor tag.

Lex Jr.:: Looks exactly like his dad but has no legs so he uses a set of wheels to stand. His collar is green.

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