This OC was adopted from AuryChase and is owned by SistersShiraandSkye

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Coppa--drawn by AuryChase

Description: Edit

Coppa is a Labrador and Pitbull mix. She has a lime stripe on the top of her head, down her back, & on the top of her tail. The lime fur on her head comes to a point. She also has a lime dot on each cheek. The rest of her fur is grey. Cops has short hair and a pink nose with pink eyes like Skye's. Her collar is pink and her tag is yellow with a guitar on her tag.

Personality: Edit

Coppa is a sweet pup. She is always active and full of energy. Coppa loves to make new friends. She is calm and patient with people and pups if you get her mad enough she gets scary so she walks away to cool down it's a rare occasion where she'll actually fight back. She's very smart and strong.

Bio: Edit

When Coppa lived with her owners one was a medic and the other loved music and was a guitarist. Coppa had learned to play the guitar from her owner. However, she doesn't know about any family yet. She really hopes that she does have family around. She always thinks that if she finds a family member then she'll be very happy and always spend as much time wit them.

Trivia: Edit

• her crush/boyfriend/mate is Drapper

• her nickname for him is Drappy

• she's a music teacher pup and she works with Caruso

• she also works with her sis Carissa who is a singing teacher

• catchphrase: "Let's strum up some fun!"

• she has a sister named Carissa

• she loves to play games, hang with her sis, and swim

• she fights back if she has to or if she feels threatened

• she'll protect her sis always and she may bite if she needs too

• she has a special guitar case that carries her guitar and an amp or two inside it she has a small cart she pushes it around on.

• Dislikes:

1) bullies

2) fighting

• fears:

1) Snakes

2) cemeteries

3) Poison

4) Woods

• likes:

1) playing guitar

2) teaching others how to play guitar

• birthday's August 20th

Gallery: Edit

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