Cookie and Cream are completely based off of all the Cookie and Cream Desserts. CinnamonDogs and RockyLuver are the Creators of Cookie and Cream. So please ask for Permission to use them.

Appearances Edit

Cookie : A grey dog with black stripes all over him. He has dark blue eyes and he has a floppy right ear like rocky and he has a blue circle around his left eye. He has a dark blue Collar.

Cream : A white Creamed dog with a black muzzle along with tip tail, paws and a big heart on her back. She wears two white bows with a Black and white striped collar.

Personalities Edit

Cookie : kind-hearted, Brave, but mostly silent. He sometimes just likes to read a book or watch a movie by himself. If his sister got bullied he would fight for his life. He would sometimes get snappy and bossy at people if he doesn't get his way. He has a crush on Teresa.

Cream : Like her brother she's kind-Hearted and Silent. But she's kinda scared of everything. She is shy and Scared at the same time when she meets a new person and Sometimes defends herself because she doesn't know the person. She has a Crush on Ryan.

Bio Edit

Their parent's were rich but abused them their whole life. Cookie and Cream remember them fully because they got beaten to death by there parents. Mostly the dad would beat them to death and bossed them around and told them what to do. One day Cookie finally couldn't take it anymore. He and his sister lefted the house and ran away. They lived on the streets in a cardboard box in the rain.

More coming soon~

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