Commando meets the paw patrol Edit

one day commando the all white husky joined The paw patrol he was excited he meet all of them he sleeped with them ate with them played with them they all loved him one day commando got his tag his vehicle and his gear. They went on many missions they thought he was there family and he did also.and he loved them. one day Marshall was sick and Rosie was not around so they took care of marshall then everyone got sick but not commando he cooked soup for everyone and gave them a blanket and said you guys need to rest he grabbed the remote and turned on the tv he waited for Ryder to get back when he got back he said oh no you guys are sick he said thanks commando for taking care of them the next day he got a award for taking care of your friends since he did not have a job He was a military pup cause soldiers help each other

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