SAM 2803
Cocoa is A EMT Pup. She is Marshall's Trainee.

Personality Edit

She is a Shy and Quiet pup. She loves to play in the Water and Snow. Even though she is Marshall's trainee She Has to help Marshall to make him over come his fear of Heights and his Clumsiness. She is Afraid of Snakes, Thunder, and Fireworks. She loves to Paint and Draw and sometimes dance. She isn't very interested in Sports but she'll love to play soccer sometimes.

Bio Edit

Coming soon~

Appearance Edit

She is a tan Border Collie with a White Belly Along with Muzzle and Tip of tail. She has Brown eyes and Has a Pink collar.

When in uniform she wears a Pink Cap with a White trim along with Uniform. When going on dates she wears a Pink and White striped bow on her right ear and a Pink and white striped bow.

Voice Actors Edit

Young : Kaitlyn Maher- voice of Tiny in Santa Buddies

Singing voice : Night-step and Night-core

Adult : Neve Campbelle- Voice of Kiara in The Lion King 2

Catchphrases Edit

  • "When Injured is Near I'll Bandage things up!"
  • "When You're ill, you need to Chill!"
  • "No germs will get in my Way!"

Trivia Edit

Family Edit




Gold-Sister in Law

Maximus- Son

Jupiter- Son

Saturn- Daughter

Charity- Daughter

Eric- Nephew

Bryan Jr.- Nephew

Chloe- Niece

Stories She Appears in Edit

Stories by Me : Edit

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