Cloud belongs to Lunar Lex.

She is a skydiving pup.

Personality Edit

Cloud is brave and a bit cocky. She's also a daredevil and loves raking risks. She loves playing pranks on others. Once you get to know her, she's pretty nice, though. She isn't an official member of the Paw Patrol, and only comes when called.

Bio Edit


Appearance Edit

Cloud is a pure white pug with pale blue eyes. Her paw pads are pink with grey spots, and her nose is pink.

Uniform Edit

Cloud wears a pale blue-grey uniform with light grey accents. She wears a jacket, and a dark grey helmet. Her pup-pack has a parachute in it.

Trivia Edit

Catchphrases Edit

  • TBA

Vehicle Edit

  • TBA

Fears Edit

  • She's not afraid of anything. She may have some, but nobody knows them.

Crush Edit

One day, while about to do her job, she bumped into Volly and fell for him instantly. The two eventually start dating.

Random Edit

  • She may be kind of a member of the Paw Patrol, but she rarely visits them.
  • She loves donuts. Give her one and she's your best friend for life.
  • She is older than most of the Paw Patrol, being a teenager.
  • She has a trainee named Sven.

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