This OC is owned by SistersShiraandSkye she is a 1st gen pup

Description: Edit

Cleopatra is a Beauceron. She has medium sized tail. Cleopatra has short fur. Her paws are brown, the rest of of her fur is black and she has white and grey patches on her back and white around her eyes. Her ears are floppy. She has hazel eyes and a green collar. Her pup tag has a ancient vase on it an the background of the pup tag is red.

Personality: Edit

Cleopatra is a pup who loves to learn about ancient artifacts. She's loving, loyal, and smart. She loves to play games. Cleopatra also is protective of her friends and her family.

Bio: Edit

Ever since Cleopatra was a pup she was always interested in museums and what they had to offer. Ever since she went to a museum with her owners she had loved it. She knew both her parents but hasn't seen them since she was adopted. Both of her parents are alive. When she was with her parents at a young age before she was adopted she always sneezed around a cat and when there was pollen. That's when they found out she was allergic.

Trivia: Edit

• she loves ancient artifacts

• her job is as a museum curator

• her uniform is the color light blue

• she's allergic to pollen and cats

• her boyfriend is Antonio (Skippy's OC)

• her nickname for Antonio is Ant

• she lives with her owner Sharren and is great friends with the paw patrol

• Sharren got her the pup tag specially made for her


1) learning about ancient artifacts

2) likes to have fun


1) mean pups/people

2) robbers


1) mummies coming back to life

2) being pup napped

• birthday's July 14th

Gallery: Edit

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