Clay belongs to Sarah the FBI pup.

Info Edit

Clay is a fast moving pup. He likes to rush through his life and make rash decisions. He can be a bit snappy sometimes, but otherwise he is very cool and collected. He is a bit of a funny pup, and has a wide sense of humor. He can be a bit ignorant and tacky to the point that he might not realize when something may be offensive.

Appearance Edit

He is a White Shepherd, and like the name suggests, he is a completely white color. His eyes are a icy blue color. His collar is a muddy brown color.

Job/uniform Edit

He is a Racer pup. He has a black and orange helmet, while his suit is Black and yellow.

Vehicle Edit

A black, Orange, and yellow race car.

Family Edit

Dilorah: mother

Gordan: father

Zip: sister

Friends Edit

Kailey: BFF


Trivia Edit

  • He has a crush on Cleah, Kailey's sister
  • He loves steak
  • He has an addiction to Rootbeer
  • He later has three puppies with Cleah; Becca, Niomi, and Draco
  • He absolutely loves the Harry Potter series

Stories he appears in Edit

Gallery Edit

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