This is a turned based which the Paw Patrol and the real countries must create an empire.

Leaders Edit

Main Edit

  • Takota-Trussia, Emperor
  • Ryder=Adventure bay, Leader/ America, President
  • Marshall=Japan, Shogun
  • Chase=German, Chancellor
  • Rocky=China, Master Builder
  • Zuma=Rome, Procturate
  • Skye=Russia. Tsarina
  • Rubble=England, Premier
  • Tracker=Aztec, Emperor
  • Everest=Egypt, Pharaoh
  • Alex=Greece, King
  • Cap'n Turbot=Arabia, Sultan
  • Francois= Persia, King

DLC Edit

  • Mayor Goodway-Greece, General
  • Earl of Barkingburg-Vikings, Leader
  • Cap'n Turbot-Ottoman, Sultan
  • Mr. Porter- Korea, Emperor
  • Sweetie-Celtia, Chieftan

Unique Unit Edit

  • Takota-Infantry- Super Soldier
  • Ryder=Fighter- P51 Mustang
  • Marshall=Swordsman- Pup-Fu Shinobi
  • Chase=Tank- Police Panzer
  • Rocky=Crossbowman- Scout archer
  • Zuma=Swordsman- Legionairre
  • Skye=Cavalry- Cossack
  • Rubble=Musketman- RedCoat
  • Tracker=Swordsman- Eagle Warrior
  • Everest=Chariots- Snow Chariot
  • Alex=Spearman- Phalanx
  • Cap'n Turbot=Horse Archer- Mamluks
  • Francois=Spearman- Immortal
  • Mayor Goodway= Spearman- Sentry Spear
  • Earl of Barkingburg= Warrior- Berzerker
  • Cap'n Turbot(ottoman)=Musterman- Janissary
  • Mr. Porter=Cannon- Peddler Cannoneers
  • Sweetie=Warrior- Gaelic Knight

Unique Building= Warlords, Beyond The Sword Edit

  • Takota-Airport- Spaceport
  • Ryder=Mall- Supermarket
  • Marshall=Barracks- Dojo
  • Chase=Factory- Assembly Plant
  • Rocky=Theatre- Pavillon
  • Zuma=Market- Forum
  • Skye=Laboratory- Pet Parlor
  • Rubble=Bank- Stock Market
  • Tracker=Courthouse- Aztec Altar
  • Everest- Monument- Obelisk
  • Alex=
  • Francois=Grocer- Retail Store
  • Cap'n Turbot=Library- Madrassa
  • Cap'n Turbot(ottoman)=Aqueduct- Hammam
  • Mayor Goodway=
  • Earl of Barkingburg=Lighthouse- Viking Outpost
  • Mr. Porter=Hospital- Resturant
  • Sweetie-Walls- Dun

Custom Wonder Edit

  • Monkey Temple- Chichen Itza
  • Big Benji- Big Ben

Objective Edit

  • Create and Build your own empire
  • Gain new allies or dominate other empires

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