This is a turned based which the Paw Patrol and the real countries must create an empire.

Leaders Edit

Main Edit

  • Takota-Trussia, King
  • Ryder-Adventure Bay, Commander
  • Chase-Germany, Chancellor
  • Vicente Laurel-Philippines, Revoluntionary President
  • Zuma-Rome, Procturate
  • Skye-Russia, Princess
  • Rocky-China, Political Leader
  • Rubble-Great Britain, Premier
  • Marshall-Shogun, Japan
  • Cap'n Turbot-Arabia, Sultaness
  • Everest-Egypt, Pharoah
  • Tracker-Emperor, Aztec
  • Carlos-Italy, Governor

DLC Edit

  • Mayor Humdinger=
  • Sweetie=Celtia, General
  • Earl of Barkingburg=Viking, Leader
  • Alex Porter=Greece, King

Unique Unit Edit

  • Takota-Infantry- Stormtrooper
  • Ryder-Soldier- Paw Commando
  • Chase-Police- Soldier
  • Vicente Laurel-Katipunero- Special Action Force Commando
  • Zuma-Lifeguard- Guardian
  • Skye-Archer- Rocketeer
  • Rocky-Archer- Red Guard
  • Rubble- Explorer- Mi6 Agent
  • Capn Turbot-Swordsman- Rebel
  • Everest-
  • Tracker-Scout- Sappers
  • Marshall-Archer- Skirmishers
  • Carlos-Roman Guard- Spearman
  • Mayor Humdinger=Warrior- Eagle Warrior
  • Sweetie=Warrior- Gaelic Warrior
  • Earl of Barkingburg=Maceman- Berserker
  • Alex Porter=Spearman- Phalanx

Unique Building= Warlords, Beyond The Sword Edit

  • Takota-Military Base
  • Ryder-The Lookout
  • Chase-Recruitment Center
  • Vicente Laurel-Malacanang Palace
  • Zuma-Colluseum
  • Skye-Airfield
  • Rocky-Mechanist's Cottage
  • Rubble-Naval Drydocks
  • Capn Turbot-Citadel
  • Everest-
  • Tracker-Scouting Outpost
  • Carlos-Museum
  • Marshall-Fire Base
  • Mayor Humdinger=Sacrificial Altar
  • Sweetie=
  • Earl of Barkingburg=Naval Port
  • Alex Porter=

Objective Edit

  • Create and Build your own empire
  • Gain new allies or dominate other empires

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