Cisco by PitbullLover ^^

Bio Edit

Cisco came from a very poor family. He was interested in mechanics at a young age, but his parents never appreciated it, choosing to focus on his older brother, Julio. One day he decided to put his skills to use and joined the Paw patrol.

Appearance Edit

Cisco is a German Shepherd. He Has green eyes and pointy ears. He has light brown areas on his ears, his entire front right leg and paw, socks on his other 3 paws, a line running down in between his eyes and across his entire muzzle, and on the tip of his tail. He has tan areas on the rest of his legs and the other half of his tail. He is black everywhere else.

Personality Edit

He's a geek. He loves comic books and collects different action figures. He is also a very happy and peppy pup who likes to spend time with his friends. (More coming soon)

Job/uniform Edit

He is a mechanical engineer.

uniform: He wears a navy blue vest with a white lab coat over it. His pup pack is also white and it has various tools inside. He also wears white safety goggles.

Trivia Edit

  • He tends to ramble on about scientific things no one understands
  • He's afraid of bees
  • He doesn't have a crush
  • He is based off Cisco Ramon from CW's The Flash.

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