Cinnibear was adoped from Smartpup Chase76

He now belongs to CrossiantTheNightPup after Confetii left

Apperance Edit

He is a Chow Chow with mostly Cinnamon colored Fur, he has a white belly and gold socks on all four paws. His eyes are dark green

He wears a orange and white striped Collar

Personality Edit

Cinnibear is alot like a giant fluffy teddy bear. He likes cuddling and caring for other pups. Hes very kind and sweet. Hes a bit of a doof sometimes and can make stupid decistions every once in a while but its all in good fun as he says

Bio Edit

He worked as a Therapist pup with his owner for his entire life from Birth. He learned about the Paw Patrol when they came to check out his place. He took a liking to them and started to visit them but most of his time is still spent with his owner.

Trivia Edit

Random Edit

  • he was originialy going to become a Dentist but since Smiley was already a dentist and had a Trainee he decided to become just a civilian

Crush Edit

After he saw Honey lemon upset over her and Freds breakup Cinnibear started to comfort her. In the process he started falling for her. Eventualy he asks her out and the two start dating. Eventually they get Married and Honey Lemon gives birth to three healthy puppies, Chemical, Deemo and Neveah.

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