Ciara is the fursona of sportthewolfsky

Appearance Edit

Ciara is a wolf and is all dark brown except for her fringe, her front left paw, back right paw and tip of her tail, which is a mustard yellow. She has dark blue eyes. She has a seafoam collar and a basketball tag. She also has a redish-orange hoodie with the brand name "Nike" written in black on the hood.

Personality Edit

Ciara is not very shy around new people and is actually very hyper and random around new friends and current ones! Which may explain why I have no life. She loves anything to do with basketball. She loves drawing and singing, loves school plays. She likes to draw and will doodle a lot. Sometimes can get frustrated but mostly nice. She loves all her friends.

Trivia Edit

  • She looks up to her friends and other great artists as well
  • She's especially close to Chanell, Daxter, Anya and Chris and considers them great friends
  • She has a deadly fear of tight spaces and gets wary when she sees an elevator
  • She has insomnia

Gallery Edit

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