GalleryChoo-Choo is an exterminator trainee of the PAW Patrol

Appearance: Choo-Choo is a Yorkshire Terrier Pappion mix with brown eyes.He has the "butterfly ears" of a Pappion.He is mostly brown with a black back and top of tail and ears.He wears a blue collar with a tag with a brown background that has a rat and the "no" sign over the rat.

Personality: Choo-Choo is a very playful pup who likes to play fetch with Ryder and Chase and he likes to play with his toys and to sleep in his bed and eat his food and drink his water,and he doesn't agree with stealing anything that doesn't belong to him...

Bio: ...but it wasn't always like that,he had to steal food in order to survive,or else he'll die.Than,he met Ryder and Chase and he introduced himself to Ryder and Chase and then Fletcher saw a rat and he got spooked,so Choo-Choo killed the rat and Fletcher gave his gratitude to Choo-Choo by giving him a present.Choo-Choo opened it and inside was a blue collar with a tag with a brown background with a rat and a no sign over the rat and Ryder said "Will you be part of the Paw Patrol?" And he said yes and put the collar on,and he never took it off.

Trivia: .Choo-Choo once had a crush on a long haired dachshund.Choo-Choo is the name of my real dog

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