Cheshire is a stray pup

Bio Edit

Cheshire's parents died in a flood so she became a wandering pup. After a while she meet Walnut. They started rescuing stray pups and start their own pack. When they found an alley full of cardboard boxes and a small abandoned bowl they made it into their home. They still find and help stray pups and they live a very happy life.

Appearance Edit

Cheshire is a great dane and scottie mix. She is smallish when she grows up and is never very tall. She has a brown bangs and spots all over her body. She has one on the back of her back left leg, tail tip, right before her front right leg on her stomach, one on her back, one one her ear and one on her neck/under her chin. She has black eyes and wears a pile blue collar she found.

Peronality Edit

coming soon

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