Chapter 1: Regular pup at work

Narrator: Chase was a O.D.S.T pup who lived in Paw Potral City.

Chase: I love my job.

O.D.S.T pup 1: We all know you like your job.

O.D.S.T pup 2: I am new and I even know you like your job.

Chase: If only my mom and dad were here to see this. (remembered what happened that day)

Chapter 2 : Chases Flash back

Narrator: 10 months earlier.

Young Chase: Mom, and Dad were are we?

Chases Dad: At the park Chase.

Chases Mom: The parks a peaceful place for everyone.

Person:( calls dog catcher) Hello I see some dogs in the park with no tag.

Dog Catcher: We will be right there.

Narrator: 20 mins later the dog catcher arrives Snatching Chases mom and dad.

Young Chase: No mom dad nooooo!

Narrator: 3 months later after the incident Chase arrives in Paw Potral City.

Pup guard 1: What are you doing here?

Young Chase: Looking for a home my mom and dad were token by a dog catcher.

Pup guard 1: Okay well welocme to your new home for homeless dogs and plus here they get a job.

Pup guard 2: ( opens gate) Welcome to Paw Potral City.

Young Chase What's a Paw Potral?

Pup guard 2: A paw potral is group of pups with certain jobs and they help there community stay safe.

Young Chase: I wish I was part of a Paw Potral.

Pup guard 2: Follow me to the Paw Potral sign up.

Narrator: 1 month later of hard work Chase becomes a Paw Potral O.D.S.T

Chapter 3: Chases team

O.D.S.T Pup 1: My names Scar and those other 3 are Nick, Trigger and Flame.

Young Chase: My names Chase I am the new O.D.S.T

Scar: Welcome Chase training starts tommorow at 12:00 got it.

Chase: Got it Scar see you then.

Narrator: 5 Months of getting to know Nick, Scar, Trigger and Flame a new pup came.

New pup: My name is Marshall I am your new firepup for your group.

Scar: Welcome Marshall meet the team I am Scar, and those other 4 are Chase, Nick ,Flame and Trigger.

Young Marshall: Hello fellow team mates.

Chapter 4: There first mission

Narrator: 1 month later they went on there first mission.

Scar: Okay are first mission is to rescue a group of dogs from the pound and turn them into Paw Potral recruits is that under stood men.

Young Chase: Understood Scar ( as he puts on his O.D.S.T helmet and arms himself with a ak47) Get ready Marshall this could get ugly.

Young Marshall: Understood Chase so whats the plan?

Young Chase: Nick and Flamevwill create a diversion out back while you and Trigger get the dogs out of there and my job is to secure the landing zone for are get away.

Marshall: Okay let's go then!

Scar: Take this Chase ( hands him a radio) its to communicate.

Young Chase: Thanks Scar.

Narrator: 20 mins later after gearing up.

Pup Pilot: Were to pups?

Scar: To are mission pilot.

Pilot: Leader

Scar: Me my name is Scar.

Pilot: O.D.S.T group?

Scar: Ghost team used to be squad.

Pilot: Okay your going to the dog pound eta 1 hour.

Scar: Got it pilot and punch it.

Pilot: Sir yes sir.

Chapter 5: Mission is a go

Pilot: We're here sir!

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