After awhile Chase woke up

Grace: You got a little bump on your head here and-


Rocky: We can't find him

Sam: C'mon let's go

Miley: Where do you think he is?

Tania: Well we should search the place first maybe they haven't left yet

Rocky: Smart thinking sis

Tania: Thanks big bro

Ire: I can't believe I found my brother and now I lost him again (sniff) (sobs)

Chase: Ya well he was basically my best friend (sobs) (cry)

Chase's Dad: Guys it's not a compaction we all want him back now let's go and look


Chase: Ugh he's not here!!!

Tania: Don't worry we'll find him

Skye: Ya Chase

Sophie: Hey what about seal island

Zuma: surprisingly that's a good idea

Sophie: Hey I never joke about finding missing people

Zuma: Look there's a boat going I'll take my hover craft

Dylan: I'll come with

At seal island they found Tommy with a female wolf pup surrounded by knocked out men

Tommy: Oh it's a long story let's go home

At the lookout...

Rubble: So tell us

Tommy: This is Saoirse (pronounced sear-sha or look it up on YouTube)

Saoirse: Hey

Tommy: The reason I was away all those years is because her parents dying wish was for me to protect her

Chase: Why?

Tommy: Because-

Saoirse: I'm an elemental wolf

Rubble: What's that?

Tommy: It's a wolf that controls space, time, fire, water, nature, lightning, wind, moon, sun and stuff like that

Chase: Wow!

Saoirse: I'll show you (purple marking appear on her face) (does real magic)

Rocky: Wow that's cool

Saoirse: Hehe thanks



Elemental wolves

Elemental wolves

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