Chase: TOMMY!

(They hug) (for awhile)

Melody: Where is my little sister, my big sister, and my older brother?

Sam: I don't know.

Melody: Actually I wasn't asking- oh never mind.

Skye: So Sam, wanna go play?

Sam: Yea!

(Chase and Tommy finally stop hugging)

Chases dad: I say we all go out to dinner!

Chase: I know a great place to eat!

(Soon every pup leaves with their families) (except Diamond and Sophie)

Diamond: Where's your family?

Sophie: I never wanted an owner, so I ran away. Now I'm here. 

Diamond: My family said "IF YOU GO OUT ACTING! DON'T COME BACK!" So I didn't.

Sophie: Oh..

Diamond: Eh, I never liked the farm anyway. *shivers* I still have dreams about t-the cows.

At night......

Chase: Goodnight Tommy.

Tommy: Goodnight Chase.

Diamond: I wonder what my family thinks of me?

???????: We love and miss you.

Diamond: Who's that?

Miley: Miley.

Diamond: Oh.. MILEY?

Miley: Yup.

(They hug)

Miley: Are you crying?

Diamond: (weakly) No. Why would I.

The next morning........

Diamond: EVERYONE! Meet....

Chase: (sobbing) TOMMY!

Miley: Tommy?

Chase: He's gone!

Ryder: Mom, dad?

Mom: We don't take him.

Chase: He wouldn't run away! He just wouldn't!

(Melody is shaking)

Melody: Last night.... I heard "I found you Tommy".


(Chase is so panicked he runs into a tree and faints)

Grace: *sigh* I got it.

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