At the lookout.........

Ryder: Everything ready?

Rocky: Yup!

Zuma: Perfect!

Marshall: Now to cut the confetti.

Rocky: I'll do it! Marshall, I don't trust you with scissors.

At the hospital...........

Skye: I'm feeling great!

Chase: Me too!

Skye: Well, let's go.

Hazel: Chase! Please stay with me!

Chase: Umm, i.....

Skye: He's mine!

Chase: No.

Both: No what?

Chase: I will not love either of you! If you fight.

Skye: Well, let's go home.

Chase: S...

Hazel: Don't bother!

On the train..........

Track: Look at this!

There was an article on the murder. The girl was one of the kids missing, she was much better.

Skye: Awww.

Chase: Now let's go home.

Skye: What a surprising week.

Chase: Well I hate surprises now.

At the lookout.......

All but Skye and Chase: SURPRISE!!!

Chase: DANG IT!!!!!

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